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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound and How It Can Help

Most people think ultrasounds are only used during pregnancy, but therapeutic ultrasound can be a helpful way to treat hard-to-heal soft tissue injuries. Therapeutic ultrasound is a great way to get pain relief and improve blood flow in your soft tissue injury. Twin Oaks Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Springfield, MO, is here to discuss how therapeutic ultrasound can help heal your soft tissue injuries.


What Is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is often thought of as a tool to detect a pregnancy or show images of tissue underneath your skin. Ultrasound can also be used for non-imaging purposes to heal soft tissue injuries. The waves generated by the ultrasound wand travel deep into the tissues of the body and vibrates them. This vibration helps tissue fluids flow better to relieve pain and stimulate healing.  

How Therapeutic Ultrasound Helps Heal Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are an inflammatory response by the body to heal itself. Your body does not always do a good job of delivering blood flow to the injured area. Your condition will become chronic if the blood flow to the injury is weak or disrupted. Therapeutic ultrasound helps stimulate the body into healing itself by improving blood flow.

Therapeutic ultrasound applies the ultrasound wand to the area of injury and vibrates deeply into the underlying tissues. This creates vibrations and warmth that will make the muscles and surrounding tissues relax, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to the injury. Your body heals itself more effectively when you have better blood flow to the injured area. This allows more healing nutrients to be delivered while washing away waste products from inflammation.

Applying ultrasound to the injured area is a quick and effective way to deliver pain relief. You will also be able to move more easily after treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound allows your body to heal itself without the need for surgery or other invasive treatments.

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Soft tissue injuries can be a frustrating experience that keeps you from doing the things you want to in life, so contact Twin Oaks Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Springfield, MO, to get therapeutic ultrasound treatment and feel like yourself again. Call us today at (417) 882-1000 to get back on the road to wellness. 


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