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Discover Certified Whiplash Treatment in Springfield

When you have been in an auto accident and you have whiplash, Twin Oaks Chiropractic and Acupuncture has the certified whiplash treatment you need. If you are in pain, have stiffness in your neck, or you are experiencing headaches, chiropractic treatment can help.

Certified Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Injuries sustained to the neck as a result of excessive force backward or forward often respond well to chiropractic care. As a certified whiplash treatment provider, we focus on carefully diagnosing the cause of your pain in order to provide the right treatment. Chiropractic treatment is an effective method to speed up healing times and improve symptoms for whiplash patients. The certification process involves studying the specific nature of whiplash and how to provide supportive treatment for the injury.

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Whiplash

Spinal manipulation is administered to get your spine into better alignment. This reduces stress on your muscles and ligaments while supporting your nervous system. When your spine is aligned, your body is better able to heal. Your chiropractor will also use gentle stretching, massage, manual therapy, traction, ultrasound or hot and cold therapies in order to reduce your symptoms and improve healing. Treatment promotes better circulation and allows your body to heal naturally without the use of prescription medication.

Chiropractic Treatment with Other Modalities

Chiropractic treatment does not interfere with other treatment modalities. It is safe to go to a chiropractor for whiplash treatment while also taking prescription pain medication, going to acupuncture, or getting a massage. It is an excellent therapy because it can be used in conjunction with a wide range of other treatment.

Find Treatment for Whiplash Now

If you are in pain from whiplash, it's time to visit a chiropractor in Springfield who can help. Contact Twin Oaks Chiropractic and Acupuncture at 417-882-1000 in Springfield, MO to set up an initial consultation. We are ready to help you find relief from stress and whiplash in order for you to get back to the activities you enjoy.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Best chiropractor ever! This guy knows how to adjust me all over, including my hip and shoulder. I also got acupuncture for my allergies, so no more Zyrtec. Massage is great, too! Try them out, you will not regret it!"
    MattMan C.
  • "I love this place, they have the BEST of the BEST. I love to get massages here. The staff are professional but while being light hearted and fun. This is the only place I go and I like massages on a whim they are ALWAYS able to get me in when I need it. LOVE THEM!!!!!!"
    Elizabeth B.
  • "Great staff! Friendly and efficient. Because of an insurance change, I was unable to come for too long. Thanks to a buyout, I am back! Doc does an awesome job. He listens to what the problem is and works to correct it. He doesn't rush you in and out as fast as he can. Excellent."
    Cheryl T.
  • "I've been going to Twin Oaks Chiropractic for about a month now. I've had an awesome experience with the doctor and staff. I also purchased the pillow sold in the office. You add water to it so you get the perfect amount of "fluff." With the pillow, my neck pain has decreased dramatically, and I am sleeping better! Because of the treatments, massage, and pillow, I am in far less pain and overall, much happier. Thank you to the staff and doctor there!"
    Amanda N.